F*ck It Friday

New ideas can be scary. Sometimes, working within the confines of briefs and strategies, innovative creative ideas can become diluted because we don't have ‘proof that it works.’

To help solve this problem, many years ago, we gave birth to ‘F*ck It Friday’.

FIF is an experiment in creative freedom with no defined deliverable output. Once a month, a cross-section of talent from the agency gets stuck in and throws caution to the wind in a bid to do new, bold, free-form creative work.

With the recent success of this year's AR executions we created and delivered for Heineken and Unilever, our talented creative technologist and motion graphics expert Mark wanted to see how we could use AR for our clients in a product-centric, interactive way.

These filter executions could be used to emphasize on-product launches and highlight the packaging for the products. The front design of a product would be scanned through an Instagram filter, and an animation starts to play seamlessly. As well as product launches, we'll be bringing this technological capability to more stunts that we will deliver in real life, eg: scanning a building and an animation starts to play.

Here's a look back at some of our favourite F*ck It Fridays from the past few years.

We thought long and hard about how THINKHOUSE could show up in the metaverse. What would our global, innovative, disruptive, thumb-stopping, engaging [insert other marketing words here] strategy be?

And then we were like f*ck it, let’s just get a car and drive it around our office...

In this video someone wanted to pour paint over things in front of mirrors. So, that’s what we did.

One of our designers had become fixated with paper cutting. He collaborated with the rest of the team to create a series of neo-tribalism inspired paper masks that represent different aspects of culture: sneaker culture, gym culture and gamer culture.

One of the team wanted to experiment with 3D modelling and hey presto, an unusual visitor arrived at the reception of our studio.

We wanted to develop a piece of custom-built camera kit in preparation for an ambitious festival shoot. This was the initial test...

The end result was one of our favourite social posts of last year..

Social media junkies were endlessly asking 'how did you do that' - so, here's the tricks of the trade we invented for this one on that sunny F*ck it Friday!

More paint! We like paint. This time we played around with UV ink and a black light.

Another Fuck It Friday was creating new filters for Snapchat/Instagram.

Keep an eye on our social channels for lots more FIF content.

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