Social & Digital Updates: Instagram Firms Up Its Video Offering

Instagram is “no longer a photo-sharing app”, according to head of the Social Network Adam Mosseri at least. Last week, the site made some interesting moves in order to compete with the rise of video sharing apps and stay in the game. The app will combine IGTV, and their typical Instagram feed videos, and create a new tab on the home page named “Instagram Video”. For now Reels, their short form video format, will be remaining a separate feature.

This tab will open when any video on the platform is tapped into, and will allow users to scroll through the Discover page of Instagram Video immediately after viewing one video, akin to TikTok’s current layout.

Instagram has been trying to crack the video sharing market for several years, with Reels being the most popular to date. IGTV has been slowing down in popularity as Reels grew, so changing this format comes at no surprise.

Earlier this year, Instagram made some big changes within its in-stream ads policies which will carry into Instagram TV. Video creators and brands alike will be able to monetize these long-form videos, though if a brand wants to boost a video it will need to be under 1 minute long.

Within the videos, more editing features will be added, as well as geo-tagging and friend tagging, blending this new feature with some of the staples of the photo sharing capabilities traditionally seen on the app.

By streamlining the video experience on the app, Instagram is simplifying things. After a year of constant updates, and trials and failures, the aim here is to get back to the root of the app, and create an experience that is familiar, whilst staying up to date with consumer’s wants. IGTV’s separate branding and app was confusing for many users, and failed to garner the traction it needed to compete with video sharing giants like TikTok or Youtube. Furthermore, this means overall stats for an account can be gathered from one place, no pesky separate data collection for IGTV.

The Instagram Video updates have just begun rolling out across IOS and Android, so it’s too soon to tell what the response will be from its users, however, it will be interesting to see if Instagram has finally cracked the video market and returns as a genuine threat to the likes of TikTok.

Contrasting fortunes

These are turbulent times in the social space; with TikTok an awakened giant, now fully emerged, consolidating its place in the market. At the same time Facebook and its family of platforms are navigating choppy waters. But Instagram remains as popular as ever and continues to innovate to maintain relevance.

Brand takeouts

  • Hedge your bets and maintain a presence on all and any relevant platforms to your audience.