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Let’s call a spade a spade… It’s been a heck of a week. Heading into winter with lockdowns facing many countries in Europe is not an exciting prospect. This 52INSIGHTS is aims to inject some much-needed joy and inspiration into the week by showcasing brands and campaigns that are making the world a little better by being useful to young people during this time.


This week the THINKHOUSE PR & Advocacy team worked with Rimmel to celebrate new the launch of two new products in its range with a number of Mask Make-Up masterclass. The sessions assisted attendees with adapting to life with masks - coaching them on how to achieve masknificent non transfer matte cover and focus on what we all see - add drama to eyes (eye communication now feels more important than ever). Issues such as maskne (acne caused by mask-wearing) and masks ruining make-up looks were addressed in fun, engaging ways with global Rimmel ambassador celebrity make-up artist James Molloy.


lululemon has shifted its revenue efforts from stores to its #thesweatlife online community. This is a hub for mindful practises and home workouts - ‘where you can sweat, grow and connect’. It’s elevating people through fostering a sense of belonging and community , and also being available in accessible and useful ways to people. (Read more about the growth of lululemon here).


With the US election looming, many brands are encouraging and reminding people to vote. Spotify launched ‘Play Your Part’ encouraging people via artists and influencers to get their voice heard (with a special emphasis on supporting potential first-time voters in getting ready to do so). Even Stevie Wonder’s new song tells people not to put it ‘in the hands of fate.’

Elsewhere, beauty brand Starface launched pimple patches to encourage young people to vote. Its social content features young people explaining why they are first-time voters.


Ikea will launch its Buy Back initiative on Black Friday 2020. In a move supporting more environmentally friendly circular-economy practices, the retailer will buy back unwanted furniture for up to half the retail price.

“Sustainability is the defining issue of our time and Ikea is committed to being part of the solution to promote sustainable consumption and combat climate change. With the launch of Buy Back we are giving a second life to many more Ikea products and creating more easy and affordable solutions to help people live more sustainably. It is an exciting step forward in our journey towards becoming a fully circular and climate positive business by 2030.” Peter Jelkeby, Ikea country retail manager for Ikea, UK and Ireland.

Elsewhere, Brewdog has become the world’s first carbon negative brewery and Selfridges’ ‘Project Earth’ seeks to change the way we shop.


With a short Instagram post, innocent drinks updated its followers this week on how its been working to bring more Black people into the company (since it promised to do better on this back in June). Among other things the brand has:

  • Started advertising roles through Black talent networks
  • Joining a partnership to mentor Black people in the early stages in their career
  • Introducing equal opportunities monitoring and unconscious bias training

Comments underneath the post from fans recognised the efforts and appreciated the progress update: I am starting to love ur company more and more everyday...”


This is a time for revisiting the heart of your brand and thinking about how you can be more human-first. Young people are connecting with brands thinking beyond themselves - serving people and society in new, helpful, ways that make life better.

It's encouraged to seek out stories that will nourish fresh thinking right now. What else is inspiring us? If you’re seeking other sources of joy or grounding inspiration for these times we are living in, we recommend checking out:

The Great Reset Covid-19 book by Klaus Schwab

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