Dropbox - Droprassic Park

The Ask

In May 2018, Dropbox’s European HQ approached Thinkhouse looking to organise a BBQ event for all their staff, partners and children at the end of the summer – an event for families with daytime fun, activities and games for children. But, as the day turned into night, the team at Dropbox also wanted the event to transform seamlessly into an epic party with world-class entertainment.

The Approach

The Youth Lab conducted interviews with a cross-section of the Dropbox staff and unearthed the insight that Dropbox employees love events with big surprises, a good variety of activities and musical acts, and an event with a memorable theme.

Introducing Droprassic Park - the ultimate #TBT to a time where beasts roamed the earth and life was very different. Taking inspiration from one of the most iconic films of the last 25 years, we transported the Dropbox employees to the Jurassic World for a prehistoric party for the ages.

The Output

Set in an urban garden centre, we programmed a Jurassic-themed festival line up of activities and performances with something for young and old.

450 guests entered through the park gates, led by tiki torches, to hear the buzzing of the electrified fence. Throughout the day, incredibly realistic giant dinosaurs in costume walked through the venue with their handlers. This was the perfect chance to get up close and personal with these historic giants and snap a picture. And there was no shortage of activities: A petting zoo, a slime party, a dino-slide, a bucking brontosaurus, a jungle rave, live performances from Kormac and Le Boom and a dino-themed menu from Dublin’s famous food carts, suitable for carnivores and herbivores alike.

“MASSIVE thank you for everything that went into making the party the success that it was! Feedback has been amazing, and I’m thrilled with what we created! We’ve absolutely LOVED working with Thinkhouse on this event!” - Jonathan Killeen, International Office Lead, EMEA & APAC

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