Frank And Honest - Blended Working

Let’s be Frank and Honest, while there are some things we looked forward to about returning to the office, it’s not all roses… morning commutes, mindless office banter, boss looking over your shoulder. It’s a minefield. And those of us who are still working from home (and loving it) are faced with the stigma of our colleagues in the office who are convinced that we are at home, living the good life and barely working at all.

As Ireland’s most loved coffee, Frank and Honest fuels workers at home and in the office as they prepare themselves for the day ahead. With this in mind, we created a campaign to help Ireland tackle the new workplace normal: blended working with your favourite coffee blend!

This zeitgeisty social campaign had multiple strands. We launched with split-screen content across Instagram Stories asking fans to vote and reply to our Frank and Honest observations of life in the blended working world. This was followed by an influencer-led content series. Comic star of the Covid lockdowns, Killian Sunderman, created some classic TikTok sketches, in which he played both the returning office worker and the stay-at-home hero. No matter the issue arising from their work conditions, one thing was sure to make life a little easier: Frank and Honest Coffee.

To bolster the influencer content, we created a high-reaching piece of hero content to run on Frank and Honest’s owned channels. Working from our existing platform ‘You Can’t Fake Great Tasting Coffee’, this video played on the possibilities of green screen Zoom call fakery that could make us seem like we’re working from anywhere - the office, at home, or even outer space (when the virtual backdrop malfunctions).

Throughout the campaign, supplementary content on our owned channels took the form of humorous tips for those back in the office (e.g. take advantage of empty meeting rooms to take regular naps) and those still working from home (e.g. have a recording of your doorbell on hand to get you out of tricky Zoom call questions). We also encouraged fans to share their own tips and stories, resharing them as text design pieces on our owned channels.

This campaign was a great example of Frank and Honest joining a culturally relevant conversation, in real-time, creating humorous content that really resonated with our target audience. The total reach for the campaign was 854k with 383k total engagements for an overall blended engagement rate of 21%. A 21% blended engagement rate is a great result and represents content that resonated with our audience and was thumb-stopping on social feeds. Great blended engagement with your favourite coffee blend!

"We wanted Frank and Honest to be part of the conversation when it came time for many of us to go back to the office. The campaign Thinkhouse created did exactly that, through on-trend content and clever targeting. We received great feedback from customers."

- Vicky O Sullivan, Frank and Honest Brand Manager

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