Griffith College TVC - The Daydream

Thinkhouse has created a brand new TV campaign for Griffith College, Ireland's largest private third-level college. The 30sec commercial is a deliberately quiet and contemplative spot - disrupting the predictably loud and frenetic ad break.

Shot on location at Griffith College's historic South Circular Road campus, the new ad uses the first day of a new year as the story setting. It highlights why Griffith College is the perfect place for students looking to 'Hit Refresh' and unlock their true potential - its historic buildings, friendly staff and warm, inclusive atmosphere bringing to life the transformative connections that students can make at the college.

In the lead up to its 50th Anniversary, and following on from last year's successful social media and radio campaign, 'Hit Refresh', Griffith College commissioned THINKHOUSE to create a commercial taking a look at this important landmark and using it to demonstrate how Griffith has changed the lives of over 30,000 graduates in that time.

How could Griffith College get its message across in a noisy space and connect authentically and memorably? Testimonials?

Steven Roberts, Head of Marketing, Griffith College said: "Testimonial content is common amongst a lot of competitors. Whilst there are elements of this that we like (the idea of "coming from the students' direct experience", etc.), we wanted our TVC to feel less tactical - something that we can use for a number of years and that really gets to the heart of the Griffith story and how we genuinely do change people's lives. So, we wanted to create a testimonial style TV commercial with a difference.”

The starting point for research was to explore what alumni said about Griffith College - what, in their experience, makes it different. Griffith is a smaller college where people make close connections and know one another on a first-name basis. It's Inclusive, welcoming people from all walks of life and providing them with a community within which they can thrive. It's an institution with connections to the business and employer community.

Laura Costello, Senior Planner & Strategist, said; “As we looked at the post-ovid-19 landscape, we realised a few things. Life's getting faster again, but many young people don't want to lose the lessons they've learned over lockdown. There was an appreciation for slowing things down and taking your time - a contrast to the busyness of hectic modern lifestyles. And we knew from our Youth Culture Uncovered research that they welcome breaks from screens and don't want brands to 'clog up' feeds.”

And so The Daydream was born.

Keith Walsh, Creative Director, THINKHOUSE, said; “While thinking about the challenge, as a collective we were suddenly transported back to our own college experiences. Daydreaming was a big part of that experience - maybe too much for some of us! Around the same time, for many of us, the Orb’s song 'Little Fluffy Clouds' captured our imagination. We concluded that, we're all dreamers and there’s something exciting about celebrating this. What we know about our students at Griffith is that they dream big, they dream about the kind of life they'd love. With their education from Griffith, combined with the belief and support of those working at Griffith, they have the confidence to dream big. Be a lawyer; Be an Accountant; Be an Engineer… We tried to capture that feeling in this spot.”

The ad tapped into the emotion of a student at this critical life stage - the first day in college. This allowed us to connect with a character and their fears- how they overcame them and the role Griffith played in that. It allowed the future student to visualise themselves at Griffith.

The thirty-second TV spot was produced by Marmalade Films. It was directed by Peter O’Brien. The TV campaign is being supported by national radio advertising, digital marketing activity and a social media campaign focusing on the real-life transformative success stories of Griffith College alumni.

This was an efficient concept and could deliver a super-premium feel without costing the earth. A simple, straightforward idea like this meant that it could be shot in one day with a small crew on the Griffith Campus utilising current students as background cast, keeping the equipment, travel and power usage at a low level.

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