Launching MyImpact recently launched MyImpact, an app dedicated to helping reduce household waste by asking people to think carefully about what they buy.

Household consumption contributes to more than 60% of global GHG emissions which is why we are excited about helping them deliver this important message.

The MyImpact app enables Irish users to set and track waste reduction goals, while also providing a map of retailers who can help achieve these targets.

We create a youth marketing campaign to drive downloads and awareness of the MyImpact App through a social media, PR and advocacy.

We worked to implement a creative strategy that tackled key audience challenges around waste (ie. guilt, confusion, feeling overwhelmed, convenience) to help a younger Irish audience feel empowered to disrupt mindless consumption and use the MyImpact
app. Our campaign dives a solution-based message and showing how little actions can be big - not all waste is necessary. Our content tells people that waste ‘prevention is better than cure’ and is inspired by popular surrealist imagery.

Download the MyImpact app on the Google Play store, recommend it to friends and family, and remember, when it comes to waste, prevention is better than cure.

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