Tony's Chocolonely

We were tasked with bringing fame to Tony’s Chocolonely, the ethical chocolate company committed to making the chocolate industry 100% slavery-free.

2.5 million farming families across Ghana and Ivory Coast produce 60% of the world’s cocoa, and 2.1 million children are illegally employed to work this land. Tony’s Chocolonely wants to change this and become “a social-impact company that happens to sell chocolate

We made sure that every media house and newsrooms were filled with Tony’s eye-catching retail units along with the comprehensive story of their mission. Allowing journalists to learn their story and the facts of slavery in chocolate production, while enjoying the quality of Tony’s chocolate offering.

Using our in-depth knowledge of the influencer landscape, we sourced influencers we knew want to create positive social impact. We gifted them one of Tony’s gorgeous “Rainbow Boxes” featuring the whole range. We only asked that they listen to the Tony’s story and enlighten someone they know would also care. And so our ‘Chain of Change’ was born.

Within weeks, we built an organic network of genuine fans, who are now partners of our mission to share the story of slavery (and delicious chocolate) with their network. This is the kind of earned awareness that brands are envious of - but it can only be achieved by brand missions that are truly purposeful.

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