Lucozade Energy Gains


Lucozade Energy, Irelands No.1 Energy drink has always had a strong association with 18-24 year olds and wanted to deepen the engagement and relevance among this age category.

We were tasked with bringing to life the brand’s marketing concept ‘Energy Beats Everything’ mantra - in a fun and creative way.


To appeal to our energetic audience, we created Lucozade Energy Gains.

Lucozade Energy Gains was a two-week challenge that harnessed the energy and hunger to create, make, and do - with teams receiving a series of tasks to complete. Lucozade Energy Gains brought the essence of ‘Energy Beats Everything’ to life in an authentic way, relevant for our audience - channeling their productivity through a series of creative challenges.

The 18-24 year old audience are digital natives - hyper-conscious of their online presence. Real conversations amongst that audience exists on the social underground (WhatsApp, private messages on IG and Snapchat). This is where today’s 18-24 year olds communicate and find out about what's happening - through word of mouth.

To drive sign ups and participation, we enlisted a number of influential ‘credibility kings’ to support the campaign on the social overground - Instagram. We partnered with Shauna Lindsay, Sean Price, Conor Ryan, Josh Gray, Jo Archbold, Stephen Murphy and Sam McAllister - as our energetic brand ambassadors. To promote the challenge further, we tapped into our Love Network, who spread the word through their WhatsApp networks and Instagram channels.


Real engagement from our target audience both on the social overground – via interaction with our influencers and via direct WhatsApp communication with Lucozade Energy Gains.

Our influencer content was positively received, with engagement being highly favourable to both Lucozade and the brand ambassadors themselves – with comments like ‘I love you and Lucozade’.

WhatsApp began pinging with team sign ups. As the challenge series rolled out and participating teams submitted amazing creative content; mini Ted Talks, summer defining photos and high energy boomerangs; that they shot as part of Lucozade Energy Gains.


We exceeded sign up KPIs by 41% with 98.9% positive brand sentiment overall. We generated over 51k engagements across influencer channels on Lucozade related posts. We saw epic content creation from those who took part in our challenges - proving that ‘Energy Beats Everything’.