Orangina - Show Me The Sunny

THINKHOUSE was asked to develop a campaign for Suntory-owned Orangina for use on social media, digital out of home and in-store point of sale.

These days, it can seem like the world is a challenging place. We know that young people are actively seeking to celebrate their own, special and personal small pleasures to make every day feel a little brighter, more unique and more joyful.

They want to be able to take time out throughout the day to refresh themselves from the tension in the world, in their lives, in everyday living - and escape to a world that’s more fun, positive and sunny.

Introducing Show Me The Sunny: a world that looks and feels as good as Orangina tastes.

Show Me The Sunny takes unique, recognisable and relatable everyday moments in the lives of Orangina drinkers and injects them with a blast of fun, colour and sunshine.

Whether it shows up during an everyday moment like brunch in the city, or times we already look forward to, like a music festival, Orangina adds a burst of flavour that heightens the moment, transporting us beyond the ordinary to somewhere joyful and sunny.

The creative was made in a unique method, not seen in the advertising of Orangina before. THINKHOUSE art directed, built the sets and shot the photography in-house during the start of the covid-lockdown.

The Show Me The Sunny campaign combines stop-frame animation and paper-craft sets to create a joyful and playful world that the product can live in and mirror the brand's key messaging. And, the colourful creative perfectly showcases the new vibrant Orangina bottle design.

The successful campaign returned for a second year to bring some sunny vibes to summer 2021.

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