Together, We Are Stronger

ActionAid Ireland works with women seeking asylum in Ireland, supporting them to claim their human rights and overcome marginalisation and poverty. Like many of us, ActionAid's team have become increasingly concerned with the rise of anti-immigrant narratives in Ireland in the last year. ActionAid approached THINKHOUSE about creating a film to create a new, positive and welcoming narrative for migrants in Ireland.

"Together, we are stronger" highlights the stories of migrants to Ireland, and their crucial role in making the country a better place for all.

Dave Coffey, Creative Director, THINKHOUSE, said: ‘The film was Inspired by the Department of Foreign Affairs' St. Patrick’s Day video celebrating Ireland’s global diaspora. We worked with our in-house film team to capture both the beauty of Ireland and the spirit of community and solidarity that defines this country. "Together, we are stronger" is a heartwarming tribute to the migrants who come to Ireland in search of safety, security, and a brighter future for themselves and their families.’

Filmed against the picturesque backdrop of Russborough House & Park in Blessington, Co. Wicklow, the video features a moving rendition of the classic song "Danny Boy," performed by the talented artists Toshín, Jess Kav, and Róisín El Cherif. The recording, produced by Will Farrell at Blast Audio in Dublin, sets the perfect tone for this touching film.

Speaking about the film, Laura Costello, Head of Sustainability & Planet Services, THINKHOUSE, said: "These are the kinds of stories that urgently need to be told right now. We need joyful narratives that move people from the heart to inspire solidarity. We're so grateful for each and every person who contributed to this film, and for those who are not pictured but who are very much part of this community. You make Ireland a better place. Thank you."

Karol Balfe, CEO, ActionAid Ireland said: "We're delighted with the enormous response to the video. It validates recent research that shows the Irish believe that everyone should be treated equally and that we should reject racism. We're so grateful to everyone involved, particularly the migrants in it, who bring so much to Ireland. We believe this video represents the views of the majority in Ireland that don't want to let hate win.”

We invite everyone to watch and share this video as a symbol of our collective commitment to inclusivity and support for migrants in Ireland. #DontLetHateWin.