Tony’s Chocolonely - Conversation Bars

Tony’s Chocolonely believes that change begins with conversation. This was the inspiration for creating three new ‘Conversation Bars’ designed to provoke real talk around the serious issues impacting the chocolate industry and beyond.

The Conversation Bars had a starkly different look and feel from Tony’s usual bright and colourful wrappers, given they were plain white with a black title text. The wrappers asked “What does inequality / inhuman / injustice mean to you?” encouraging people to think about these issues, have conversations about them and use the white space of the wrappers as a blank canvas to share their voice.

By increasing empathy and understanding around these three important issues, on a societal level and across the chocolate industry, the brand hopes to drive more support for its ongoing mission to eradicate modern slavery and illegal child labour from the chocolate industry. Because it’s only together that we can make all chocolate 100% slave free.

THINKHOUSE launched the new bars with an earned, owned and paid campaign to drive awareness and conversations around these three important topics.

Strategically we developed a PR approach which focused on increasing conversation with the most relevant content creators in Ireland. Launching the product with media landed 10 key pieces of national media coverage.

Using a strategic gifting strand, sharing product to select and relevant influencers and cultural hubs generated 50+ powerful social conversations.

Paid partnerships accounted for an additional 22 social posts, where we engaged with some serious friends of Tony’s to share their thoughts on the important issues raised by the conversation bars.

The conversation was successful and powerful, with a combined total reach in Ireland of 1,348,364.

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