An Post Christmas Stamps

We were honoured to be invited to design the An Post Christmas stamp collection for 2021. As any design or creative practice knows, these kinds of briefs come around once in a lifetime. The work not only reaches the homes (and hearts) of millions of people right across the world, but it gets preserved in the national archives, forever. That’s pretty special.

Designing for something so small requires a different approach. Really, the key was simplicity. Strategically we opted for recognisable, joyful and simple iconography brought to life through bold, accessible and cheerful colourways. The outcome was a suite of beautiful, sweet and even slightly nostalgic Christmas stamps that would resonate with everyone from 8 to 80.

"During the pandemic, we missed out on events such as hugs, family meals, visiting Grandparents, getting together with friends, looking at lights on busy shopping streets, and being with loved ones. As we emerged from the pandemic, we thought it would be really nice to visualise these simple Christmas moments in our stamps for 2021 in an uplifting, vibrant, colourful and positive way." Shane Kenna, Creative Director.

“After months of work, our lovingly-designed An Post Christmas stamps decorated millions of envelopes and parcels that were sent, with love, across Ireland and around the world to mark the Christmas we came back together. The stamps will be cataloged in the Hibernian Catalogue of Irish Postage Stamps - meaning our work literally, ‘goes down in history’ - a career highlight for sure.” said Jane McDaid, Founder & Head of Creative Innovation.

Aileen Mooney, An Post Stamp Design Manager said; “The team at Thinkhouse delivered a fresh creative response to the brief – these seasonal stamps must appeal to a broad sweep of festive card and letter writers. The design needed to be as inclusive as possible; for an increasingly diverse and multi-cultural Ireland; as well as carefully considering customers posting to the greater Irish family abroad. The end result was cheerful, uplifting, inclusive and progressive.”

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