Celeb3 Editorial Intro

Welcome to the 26th edition of our humble but opinionated online magazine YOUTH!

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Don't Be Hatin, We're Just Curatin'

Reality TV has evolved from unscripted mayhem to polished production values in two short decades, but is that such a bad thing asks AIMEE DOYLE

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From Rags to B*tches

From the salacious sheets of the 1700s to the satirical spilling of tea on TikTok, ELLEN CORRIGAN takes us on a ramble through the past present and future of celeb gossip.

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The Memefication of Celebritopia

To be immortallised in meme form is surely a nod to the dizzy heights of fame and renown, but have we as a society lost sight of the humanity behind the meme asks NIAMH MARTIN

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Pop Culture Died in 2009... Or Did It?

The alleged death of pop culture in 2009 is a topic that divides devoted pop commentators the world over, but whether or not funeral rites were read, SOMETHING changed in that fateful year writes BILLY BUNZARI

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