What We Do


The design team works across all of our clients, creating world-class work and ensuring that everything we produce reflects the values, guidelines and high standards we share.

The team has specialists in each of the disciplines in design, from print specialists and digital pioneers to brand architects who create brand identities from scratch and grow them into maturity.

Our Services

Digital Services
  • Website Design
  • App Design
  • Social Media design
  • All types of Motion Graphics (including DOOH)
  • Digital AR Filter Design (IG & Snapchat)
  • HTML5 Digital Display Assets
  • Digital creative Direction
Branding Services
  • Branding (including logo design & brand guidelines)
  • Rebranding
  • Brand bibles
  • All brand implementation
  • Brand Creative Direction
Print Services
  • Campaign OOH
  • Packaging
  • POS
  • Set Building for film & photography shoots
  • Event Build Design (festivals, events +parade)

Latest work in Design

Barry's Tea 2020 Campaign 'Sisters'
Barry's Tea 2020 Campaign 'Sisters'

Barry's Tea wanted a fresh new TV campaign to take Ireland's most beloved tea brand into the 2020s. Thinkhouse created the new TV ad 'Sisters'...

Frank & Honest - Sustainability
Frank & Honest - Sustainability

THINKHOUSE has rolled out a new 'Sustainability' campaign for the coffee brand Frank and Honest, which is owned by Musgrave Group. This new campaign is...

Griffith College - An Eye On The Future
Griffith College - An Eye On The Future

THE ASK: Thinkhouse was recruited to refresh Griffith’s brand comms platform and activate a campaign across Digital, Print, OOH/DOOH and PR channels. We were tasked...

Orchard Thieves - Fox It
Orchard Thieves - Fox It

Four years after launching, having already thieved a sizeable chunk of the cider market, the Orchard Thieves team decided it was time for a new...

The Pride of Dropbox
The Pride of Dropbox

Every year, tens of thousands of people take to the streets of Dublin for the city's annual Pride Parade. Dropbox, the file hosting and collaboration...

Start Bold End Bold
Start Bold End Bold

Orchard Thieves is one of Heineken Ireland’s biggest success stories. After just over two years, the brand is gaining a steady increase in the cider...