What A Time To Be Alive - YOUTH x Chamomile Records

This edition of YOUTH is a takeover by Chamomile Records, an independent record label started in the middle of the pandemic by Monjola, his brother Moyo and Aby Coulibaly.

Monjola named the edition "What A Time To Be Alive", reflecting the wild journey of the pandemic period but also paying homage to the advancements that have enabled their label to come into being while they've been locked down. There have been some amazing projects that have risen from the ashes of the last 16 months, a testament to the amazing creative resourcefulness of the generation, and keeping the light of inspiration ablaze.

For this issue, Abby, Moyo and Monjola created all the artwork for the issue and shared their thoughts on making music in the never-before-seen cultural landscape that is NOW. Since Monjola’s first single “Know You” came out less than 12 months ago, the trio have been firing out musical gems like a tennis-ball machine, but a one that’s playing upbeat and melodious alternative R&B that sounds like a sunny day setting up shop in your mind.

So take some time out, stick their sounds on your speaker and enjoy the visual and verbal feast they've put together for us. This will not be the last we're hearing from Chamomile records and we are VERY here for it.

Enjoy xx - YOUTH team

What A Time To Be Alive

Words by Monjola

We are a collective of artists and creatives who bring our skills and ideas together, we foster self-expression to create unique sounds, authentic listening experiences, visual arts, and some good vibes.

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Express Yourself

Words by Monjola

I express myself through song-writing and recording music. We represent the era of artists and creatives who make music independently and have full creative freedom and control over their art.

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DIY Music Production

Words by Moyo

It’s funny that when people ask me how I learned the instruments I play, I always tell them that I taught myself, but really, the internet taught me nearly everything I know in a way...

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DIY Videography

Words by Sam

I’ve always been captivated with videography and how visuals can tell a story...

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The Importance Of Collectives

Words by Aby

We live in the social media era that makes connecting to artists and music lovers easier. This has made a massive impact on my music as a whole.

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